Time is of the Essence: Your Personal Virtual Assistant

A Little  About  Me: 

I started my business 4 years ago, I just  felt some things  could be simplified
in one's life. I am a mom of two,  work full time and  have often thought about how
valuable my time  is to my family and my  work and to ME. There are only 24 hours in the  day
and unfortunately there  is not enough time in the day to get  everything done. This is where I
come  in, I have over 15 years  experience as a professional executive  administrative assistant.
I  enjoy helping others reach their potential  and accomplish a goal. I  believe in giving back to
my community and some  of my passions are creating awareness about pet abuse &  domestic
violence, fundraiser  planning to benefit local charities,  gardening.

Time is of the Essence

Everyone needs a little more time for those projects that you are just not able to get to maybe
you're a stay at home mom and need help with household organization, scanning all of the old
photos, creating menus & grocery lists, chore charts, bill organization, holiday card database,
letters/ emails drafted, parties planned, researching daycares for your little ones, or items
organized for consignment. Maybe you're a business owner and you need a contact database
created, research for a special project, accounts receivable collected, letters and emails drafted,
invoices mailed, company party or business luncheon planned. These are just a number of
tasks that I can help you with and give you back the freedom in your life. I challenge you to think
of 5 tasks you need help with and give me a call.

What are the footprints you choose to leave
behind - Time is of the essence.

Office Mgmt Consulting & Svs
704-267-3490 Ph
China Grove, NC 28023


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